Growing up I was a very artistic child. Anything that allowed me to be creative I loved. My early on passions shimmied me toward becoming a hairstylist, then eventually leading me to pursue makeup professionally too. I was extremely lucky to be signed to an agency based in Edmonton, AB at 21;however I like many other Artisans, worked 2-3 jobs for years, in order to save money to pursue my dream career. But as of March 2018 I am able to be a full time Freelance Artisan! (Que internal screams of excitement and fear.) I welcome you to check out my online profile and portfolio here! 

It was also around the tender age of 21 I decided I was going to become Vegan. (What a shit show that was.) It was by no means easy and I desperately wished there were better resources to aid me. I constantly fumbled in my transition; with 5 months of "Weekday Vegan", "Meatless Monday's" and "One Vegan Meal a Day."I finally found my footing, then came to realize it wasn't exclusively what I ate.It was beyond that, it expanded into what products I used and what I wore for clothing. Veganism magnified my awareness farther than I expected and was a catalyst for consistent self education. It ignited a devotion for animal welfare/ rights issues along with human rights/ welfare issues. 

Now, nearly 3 years later, I'm still waiting to die of a protein deficiency. (...kidding!)  I wanted to create a resource space for all things vegan. From beauty products, to traveling tips, recipes, transitioning advice, etc. I wanted to have an atelier where it could all be found. Thus, The Pretty Potato was born